Working Groups

University Politics

Survival Guide


We collect helpful information for PhD students and provide a PDF with tips and tricks for a healthy and successful PhD life. We share an updated version with the PhD administrators every fall.

Current members: Viktor Werner, Hannah Pelikan, Luigi Belcastro, Klervie Toczé, Claudia Schnitter

Digital Degrees

LiUPhD is lobbying for an improvement of the digital degrees, and the option to get a stamped and signed paper degree. As PhD students may enter the international job market it is especially important that the doctor certificate is recognized not only in Sweden but on an international level.

Current members: Klervie Toczé, Claudia Schnitter, Asher Goldstein, Sofia Thunberg

Migration Information

This group collects information about migration struggles with the goal to inform administrators at the departments about common problems and how to prevent them.

Current members: Arvind Balachandran, Rodrigo Moraes, Sachin Sharma

Social & Networking

Social Events

We organise networking events, for example

  • afterworks/pub nights

  • BBQs

  • Current members: Arvind Balachandran, Hannah Pelikan, Sofia Thunberg

Nobel Dinner

We organise an annual Nobel dinner (sittning) in December in collaboration with DomFil.

Current members: Sofia Thunberg, Emma Nilsson, Rodrigo Moraes, Arvind Balachandran

Public Relations

We take care of LiUPhDs communication and online presence. This includes

Current members: Hannah Pelikan, Viktor Werner, Sofia Thunberg, Rodrigo Moraes, Arvind Balachandran


We design and distribute LiUPhD merchandise articles, such as sweaters and stickers.

Current members: Hannah Pelikan, Arvind Balachandran

Missing anything? Contact us for starting a working group!
Any member can start a working group, you do not have to be part of the board.

Examples of Past Activities

Science Expo

LiUPhD is organizing regular science fairs in collaboration with Mjärdevi Science Park to showcase academic work and foster interaction between PhD students and industry.

Past members: Alexander Flaig, Klervie Toczé

Covid-19 Barometer

We developed an online survey to get a better picture of how PhD students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Educational Sciences and the Technical Faculty are affected by the pandemic and by working in distance mode. The barometer has led to prolongation of contracts at some departments.

Members: Hannah Pelikan, Viktor Werner, Klervie Toczé, Alexandra Kapeller, Elisabeth Klint,

Report Covid19 Barometer May.pdf

Doctoral Ombud

LiUPhD is lobbying for a doctoral ombud (doktorandombud) who can function as a neutral contact person for PhD student matters at central university level.

Current members: Sofia Thunberg, Klervie Toczé, Daniel Bladh, Asher Goldstein